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Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Vatican and Obama

The Pope broke precedent and sent a message to the US Ambassador to the Vatican congratulating and offering prayers for the new president. Also Cardinal Bertone had a front page editorial in the Vatican paper. I have not been able to get a front page look myself but this was on a blog from AMERICA […]

Answer is short and sweet…Yes…of course. The battle between a literal account of Genesis and religion is an American cultural issue, not shared by the larger Catholic Church, including the Popes. Next March the Vatican will have a conference on the issue. www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/0804713.htm is the Catholic news story…I will be sending a few items on […]

Saul Alinsky was one of Barack Obama’s spiritual fathers. He was the inspiration for the kind of community organizing that Obama did in Chicago. The Alinsky roots draw fire from conservatives because it looks like subversion…the infiltration of a system in order to change it. Alinsky was an agnostic Jew and a close friend of […]

The Word… ALL SOULS DAY! Mass Nov 2 .08 9 PM Espagnol and English Memorial Chapel Confessions before Mass Mariachis after Mass…Puerto Vallarta supper after Mass. +++ …Fr. Hal Weidner, CO hweidner@wesleyan.edu +++ Special meetings Chaplains’ Lounge November 6 5 PM Sharing on being in an interfaith or interchurch family. It is a holy and […]

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