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Monthly Archive for December, 2008

This review by Michael Hirsch in the New York  Times of Niall Ferguson’s THE ASCENT OF MONEY, A Financial History of the World complements the post just below about the New Year. Ferguson took a popular book on evolution (the Ascent of Man) as a model for writing about money. ONLY, the outcome does not […]

Happy (?) New (?) Year

If the Queen of England felt it was time to be cautious wishing the world new year greetings, I should think that was a warrant to follow suit. And I will. What’s New? About the New Year? It has been a long time since a new year threatened us with such much newness. World War […]

Merry Christmas!

One of the treasures I was too shy to look for was Elizabeth Jennings then at Oxford. But I did buy her poetry and try to pass it on. This is part III of Christmas Suite in Five Parts: a litany Mary of solace, take our hope, Girl untouched, take our hands, Lady of Heaven […]

This season, for Christians, the celebration of the Prince of Peace, has a special sense in the Pacific. That huge ocean…998 parts water even counting  New Zealand  as part of the land mass…was a “logical” place for nuclear testing in the air. And that was what happened in the 1950s and early 60s…the test ban […]

December 21, 2008 Luke 1, the Annunciation, seems more like it. All that Old Testament stuff, all that stuff about the end of the world. NOW we are into the Christmas cards. But lo, no! The promises are still about a second coming, a fulfillment we have not yet seen, a darkness that sill waits […]

Diary: December 17, 1960-08

This date marks me being a Catholic 48 years. I had an aunt who married a Catholic and fell into disfavor when I was a baby. Then I was the second one at 13 and now there are others. That this old family of Scots suffered such changes was an early warning. Now we look […]

A Pilgrimage to Guantanamo

Roger Cohen joins Thomas Merton in captivating prose capturing what seems to me the shining grace of Cuban Catholicism. In a surprising artilce here written in Cuba, Cohen decides to visit Guantanamo while waiting out the preparations for the 50th anniversary…January 1, if you don’t remember GODFATHER II…of the overthrow of Battista and the arrival […]

Harvard’s Only Cardinal Dies

Avery Dulles who shared his conversion story in the lovely TESTIMONIAL TO GRACE has died at age 90. Among a lot of books MODELS of the CHURCH will remain an essential and accessible study of the diversity and unity in the Church. His obit in the New York Times is well written and appreciative. He […]

December is a hard month by any accounts…too much of everything is a bad thing despite Mae West wondering if that were possible. December 1…1916…Little Brother Charles (de Foucauld) was murdered in Algeria by wandering bandits. Charles was accepted as holy man by most of the desert people where he lived, but this gang of […]

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