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Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Infrequently Asked Questions of the Chaplain 1.   What about God? One BIG question that I was never asked for a long time, “How are you and God doing?” I was a priest for several years with lots of going on retreats under my belt and I went on my first directed retreat…one on one…and then […]

Thomas Merton +December 10, 1968

I could not let today go by without a posting about Merton…dead now 40 years. That dreadful 1968, worse for me than even 9/11 because the assaults that year came from the inside of the country and the Church. His books are still in print, even the 1949 best seller, THE SEVEN STOREY MOUNTAIN, the […]


ADVENT 1, Monday Here begins a series of little snippets from the daily Mass through Advent. When I was an undergraduate in the dark days of December, facing deadlines and exams, the readings helped. So I recommend the whole text  but for these emails…I will just put bits in. Best to you as the semester […]

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