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Monthly Archive for April, 2009

The Last Stage: Acceptance

The stages of dying lingo is commonplace now and taken, like everything else, out of context. The dying…you and I…work hard through the different stages…and the reward for giving up denial and bargaining is…depression! And then we cross a line…into “acceptance.”  Something like peace, something like satori. Crossing this line, I think, we leave behind, […]

When I was at the Spiritual Life center, a very good priest, a Jesuit studying marine biology and preparing for a mission on very isolated island in western Micronesia, asked me what I did all day. The center was on the fourth floor of a dorm/classroom (thanks to the wisdom and kindess of great Franciscan […]

Where was Robert Redford when I needed him? In the late 90s I was at a Catholic campus ministry gathering and a local Sister introduced me to some activist friends of hers from California. Right off they asked me if were “into creation theology.” I had no idea there was a choice! Is there a […]

Corpus Christi

I was raised a Southern Baptist where I experienced a very low theology of the Lord’s Supper that was coupled with a very high, very reverent practice. We only had the celebration four times a year.  At the time of the Reformation that was a radically frequent reception of Communion. I remember sitting prayerfully with […]

Martyrs and Resisters

There is nothing more powerful in early Church history than the stories of the martyrs. There were, for sure, what we call confessors, people who lived their faith and were not required to witness unto death. There were great writers…my favorite is Origen who was not a martyr and not canonized. But it was as […]

Children and multiple parents

Andrew Cherlin (The Marriage-go-round) has an interview with his editors at Random House. He writes about the American tendency to partner and re-partner…with spouses and with live-ins. No other countries has the same pattern. They either emphasize marriage or individualism but not both the way we do. Here is something from the interview about the […]

Ben Hur (1880) anticipates the hidden prisons/prisoners problem. In Book Sixth, chapter 1, the author , Lew Wallace, has Pontius Pilate taking over from Valerius Gratus. Pilate wants to start well: “The worst of men do once in a while vary their wickedness by good acts; so with Pilate. He ordered an inspection of all […]

God and Spring

This April one of the Wesleyan students from Georgia (the country) arranged for an Orthodox vespers in the lounge of the chaplaincy. She had started in October and by this time she had a choir of four to sing and a priest to preside. There were about 25 people there. Lenten Vespers is long…about 50 […]

Easter kit

I am sending this page out to the students at Wesleyan… Busted Halo has a great article on meditation. There is a long tradition in Catholicism here that got lost in the parishes where people thought this kind of prayer was only for the cloister…. Since January the Vatican has made a series of tragic […]

Thomas Merton, Camus (Sontag)

In her notebook during the 1960s Sontag copied this Camus: “Each time that one (that I) surrender to one’s vanities, each time that one thinks an dlives for the sake of ‘appearing,’ one betrays…It is not necessary to deliver oneself to others, but only to those whom one loves. For then it is no longer […]

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