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Monthly Archive for June, 2009

News Again!

One of the great bold things about the US has been its history of journalism…both the horrors of the Hearst papers, for instance, and the heroism of the reporters in World War II. Now in Tehran, thanks to twitter (I hate to say that) and cell phones, and brave people wanting to get the news […]

This is making the rounds of the blogs. I wanted to do my part in sharing it not only because it rings very true and up to date, but because a writer like CS Lewis has his day and then passes from the scene only to have events catch up with him dead in the […]

Corpus Christi

The post title is the old name of the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ that was celebated in some countries this past Thursday and in the US and France to be celebrated Sunday. During Holy Week I met an evangelical Protestant who for some reason right off the bat insisted on telling […]

Utility of Community

In 1973, the year I was ordained a deacon, RULE FOR A NEW BROTHER was published in England and subsequently in the US with lovely woodcuts by Ade Bethune and some editions had a good Foreword by Henri Nouwen. Well, gone are the days…!!! Or are they? The monastery in St Benoit was founded in […]

D Day 44-09

Today I joined two other Americans and six French neighbors for a little supper party. Our host picked today because it was D Day and several people mentioned it with gratitude. One of the guests was late because the road up from her house along the river was blocked by people celebrating with a band […]

The utility of community

I am spending some time in a house near the Loire river and an ancient community of Benedictine monks, fairly isolated in a small village. The village area was settled during the Gallo-Roman period…an old and very straight Roman road passes through the outskirts just north of the house. It provided access to Orleans. When […]