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Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Cronkite, the Moon, Murrow & Sevareid

Between 1908 and 1916 there were three men born away from big universities and centers of power who were paragons of ethical journalism, pioneers in accurate reporting (all three in World War II at considerable danger): Edward R. Murrow (1908- North Carolina), Eric Sevareid (1912-North Dakota), and Walter Cronkite (1916-Missouri). Is it impossible now to […]

1789 and all that

I have not posted anything for some time but if July 11, the Feast of St Benedict, July 12, the birthday of the poet Max Jacob, and July 14, Bastille Day (1789), don’t prompt some thoughts what rush of dates will? There are two feasts for Benedict…one falls in March and the festivities are invariably […]