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Monthly Archive for August, 2009

Health care and strangers

There is an email erronesouly saying that the Obama care bill allows illegal aliens access to government health care. If you get sick in France or the UK you walk in and get medical attention. In France you pay a small amount without paper. In the UK they do not accept payment. You could make […]

Ted Kennedy

The Kennedy family was and is still part of American history, world history. Ted Kennedy’s brother was the first and only Catholic president. We now have an African American president. We have never had a woman president.We have not had a Jewish president.  I do not think we are post anything yet. The rise of […]

Newman’s depression

I cannot leave August behind without sharing Newman’s honest description of the depression he suffered as a Catholic. I do this because we think of saints as cheerful in God’s service even though John of the Cross writes horrific accounts of the dark night of the soul, Therese of Lisieux suffered near despair the last […]

45 years ago

This week of August 22, I arrived in South Carolina to be an Oratorian seminarian. The year was 1964. In my experience that year was in between the Hungarian revolution in 1956…the first international event that I followed, the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, the Berlin Wall crisis, the Cuban missile crisis, the JFK assassination, the […]

John Henry Newman August 11

August 11 is the anniversary of the death of John Henry Newman, “Cardinal Newman,” who if he had not lived into his late 70s would have died believing he was a failure. He was a brilliant, holy (a favorite motto, “holiness rather than peace”), church man who spent one half of his life in the […]

August 6, the Feast of the Transfiguration, a vision of Jesus the Lord in blazing light, is also the anniversary of another vision, of blazing light,  one of total hell, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima…and followed on the 9th by the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. We bombed Hiroshima because of the Mitsubishi plant there! Mitsubishi […]