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Monthly Archive for November, 2009

Winter wonder and blunders

In thevirtualoratory.comĀ  I posted a brief review of a book called Winter, a Spiritual Biography of the Season, a collection of very short essays by writers ranging from Kathleen Norris to Basho. Even people in warm climates face interior winters of discontent that resist the sun and beauty leaving hearts buried in darkness, covered over […]

Royal Jesus

Royalty is a hot button issue in Europe because the Church often identified itself with the power and glory of monarchs. Supposedly this was for the protection of religion but in always involved the destruction of religion. It took a long time for the Church and much blood before the simplicity and vulnerability of Christ […]

The Church liturgy reflects the natural reality of the northernish part of the world…darker, too dry or too wet…colder. Can we make it through the long winter? Will spring just bring more disaster? The scripture readings from Daniel, the Gospel readings about the end of time, the Second Coming…try to cross out the happy shopping, […]