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Monthly Archive for May, 2010

There is a news photo of a older woman holding a sign saying that “my grandchildren should not have to pay for my healthcare.” Why shouldn’t they? When my great grandmothers were sick their daughters took care of them. That is what younger generations do for older ones. I suppose though that the purpose of […]

When I got to South Carolina to join the Oratory in 1964, I discovered that the holidays (we were allowed talking at meals…not necessarily a treat) included Jefferson Davis Day, Robert E. Lee Day, Stonewall Jackson Day, ¬†and Confederate Memorial Day. Northern holidays like the May Memorial Day and Lincoln (of course ), were not […]

Anthropomorphic Trinity?

The feast day honoring the Trinity observed in the Western Church (and considered redundant in the Eastern Church), has one helpful aspect. It is a reminder that God is not easily labeled a human image projected into the infinite, just somebody or something, made up out of what we know about human beings…God as old […]

Philip Neri

May 26th is the feast of the saint who accidentally founded the Oratory. Monsignor Ronald Knox, dry witty and wise preacher, former RC chaplain at Oxford, was often a preacher at the Brompton Oratory (snuggled between Harrod’s and the Victoria and Albert Museum). He was the one who said that Philip absent mindedly founded the […]

St Bede, St Madeleine Sophie Barat

Not exactly household names, these two saints share a day, May 25th. Bede was an English historian and doctor of the Church. He died saying the name of Jesus in English because he liked the sound better than Latin. Indeed, Bede wrote his great history of the Church in Britain in English. He is buried […]

Say Amen, Somebody!

I attended a graduation today, Pentecost. counting three out of four of my own, I have only been at four! But before going to the one today I read complaints posted on the net about the unseemly yelling and shrieking that goes on when a graduate’s name is called out. Oh. Except for the historic […]

Tories for civil rights?

I lived in Britain in the early 80s when Maggie Thatcher was getting her second breath because the Falklands war was so popular. Sir Keith Joseph, then the education minister, had said that Britain was only going to get the kind of state supported schools that the state could afford. I took that to mean […]

Tech too far?

I have three email accounts, two office desks with voice mail, three browsers, and a cell phone. I have access to a PC in two offices and a Mac. (I kept calling it an apple, but find out that this is wrong.) And I considered twitter! I looked at it in early 2009, but I […]

The bible story about Babel is a curse story. Human pride is punished by the multiplication of languages that makes a tower that will reach to heaven impossible because the workers cannot understand each other. It is a charming wise story about communication. There is, as usual, in Bible stories a hidden joke or, to […]

Time and place

Here are the numbers Monday to Saturday morning: 5:20, 5:40, 5:45, 6:15, 6:45, 6:55, 7:10, 7:30. They represent rising time, morning prayers, meditation, high Mass, thanksgiving after Mass [on our knees unless there was an extenuating circumstance like ‘cancer of the spine’], “free time” [bed making], breakfast [still in silence and always silence in the […]

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