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Monthly Archive for July, 2010

Minister or Enabler?

Oh Ouch! I was just reading a Doonesbury archive on the Rev. Sloan. A liberalish prophet along the lines of William Sloan Coffin the great preacher, Yale Chaplain. (He says he got categorized as as anti-war activist but he said he was really an evangelist and someone like Billy Graham was an pro-war activist.) Anyway, […]

In the 1960s I was off to Catholic University after a break as a formal tyrone or novice in the Oratory. I asked to major in English literature since there was so much human experience in that it should be good preparation for priesthood. (Alas, that day is gone because the theory now is there […]

Here is something… www.nytimes.com/2010/07/03/education/03baccalaureate.html?adxnnl=1&ref=homepage&src=me&adxnnlx=1278303842-zoM4Vn5ZokO3kPmZSHgwlw  I hoped in 1974 would become a reality.  I had asked parents to dream about a program for youth if money was no problem. Nobody had a clue. The people perish if there is no vision. But somebody has a vision similar to the one I had dreamed about and it is up and […]

Depth of Prayer

A wonder of a bishop, the Ukrainian Catholic patriarch of Kiev, said that the great suffering of the Ukrainians made many of them more sensitive, more generous. But, he added with his dry humor, the sufferings did not have this affect on everyone. The liturgy prays that the we the church be spared sufferings because […]

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