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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

There was an article somewhere that was forwarded to me about Newman: was he gay? was he crypto-authoritarian reactionary? Was he both? What did I think? I recommended to the inquirer that a good read of Newman’s Letters and Diaries would be a good start. As there are over 30 volumes of these, a quick […]

Silence, Tragedy

This blog has been silent on purpose since the suicide on 13 September of Nora Miller, a student at Wesleyan. One of the  students asked if a chaplain would say that she died in sin! The question throws a shock into the system of any caring person. Such is the picture of religion that an […]

The Protestant Ethic

Thomas Friedman in the NY Times reminds us that the USA is now in the Newsweek ranking number 11. That’s right. Two ones right in a row makes eleven. We are not number one or two or three….but eleven. He explains how this happened:  “In a flat world where everyone has access to everything, values […]

Preppie Catholicism

US Catholic is a player in the American Church…it reports and makes the news. Right now it is starting up a blog on the “millenials”  the label for the college aged up to 30 year olds. Let us not comment on lumping a group like this just by age. As a boomer I know it […]

I posted under the death of the Magna Charta my horror over the Obama administration’s decision to expand the right of presidents to torture without charges and hope of trial or appeal “suspects” and suspects of what I say since there are no charges. Here is a good summaryof this horrible dynamic  from Daily Kos: Open thread […]

I could not take the Islamic center and ground zero business very seriously. After all, we have freedom of religion so like or dislike something like the center is totally irrelevant. After all, it is freedoms like that we die for and get attacked for, right? More, I went to join the Oratory in South […]

There are regular statements from the Vatican to the Muslim Community but there is nothing posted since 2005 concerning Jewish Catholic relations. This is a serious sign of dislocation. But this statement that is on the Vatican website is a Jewish commentary on the state of things in 2005. Since we are in this for […]

  PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE Christians and Muslims: Together in overcoming violence among followers of different religions MESSAGE FOR THE END OF RAMADAN ‘Id al-Fitr 1431 H. / 2010 a.d. Vatican City Dear Muslim Friends, 1. ‘Id Al-Fitr, which concludes Ramadan, presents, once again, a favorable occasion to convey to you the heartfelt wishes […]

Rev. Dr. Dinosaur

Commonweal has a blog and Joe Komonchak is on a Newman streak. I have posted from the blog a little before and,  of course, I hope you look into it. The most recent one elicited a comment that quoted Newman on the Apostle St John: That reflection [Venture of faith]  also has a stirring passage about […]

The University is starting up. There are in the average classroom students and at least one teacher or professor. But in the room there is also Freud, Nietzsche, Marx, and Adam Smith. The giants. And in the hall and over at the chapel, there is the chaplain, generic, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish. If it is […]

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