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Monthly Archive for January, 2011

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I missed the boat

I am reading Dorothy Day’s letters though it takes some nerve to do that. I was at the Catholic Worker during the blizzard of February 1969 and was talked out of bothering her because she was getting “old” and “fussy” and—even authoritarian—. I instantly regretted it but my time was up and I never went […]


After my ordination in 1974, I was a director of religious education. With the parents of teenagers gathered for a meeting, I discovered that the Beatitudes…you know, blessed are the poor, blessed are the peacemakers, blessed are those who mourn…were a complete puzzle. I had been told that I would find this if I opened […]


Images. Religious images. Even now there is one serious favorite and it bothers me: light and dark. This is must be carefully understood. It is biblical so it cannot be discounted. But the Bible is not dualistic and we are. So we can take an image from a non-dualistic culture and use it to re-inforce […]

I was wrong

Jesuit spirituality, a school of prayer, is not the Oratorian way. Oratorian is something else and I will blog about that some day. But I have definitely been wrong about the general utility, actually, the general necessity of Jesuit, or as they like to say, Ignatian (after their founder), spirituality. I say this now because […]

Was Edward Gibbon a Post-Modernist?

He died in 1794, perhaps after choking to death on his book, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Clive James finds him indigestible. He says to read Gibbon requires a “Quiz Kid retentivenes” just to get to the end of a sentence “without being driven back to sort out” initial references lost in […]

Egyptian Muslims came together in Alexandria to protect Coptic Christians at Christmas Liturgy. This was a show of solidarity with their fellow citizens, a sign that religious violence was not going to divide the country. This kind of patriotism motivated by religious compassion blesses the new year. The shooting in Arizona had a similar act […]

A Wise Old Jesuit

The dogs are not here. They are in safe and generous hands. I brought them back last January and good thing I did not, could not afford in any case, to bring them back home. Trying to get out of Boston was hard enough for one human with no luggage to check let alone for […]

Pretending to have the flu

I had to convince myself that a few days away was not sufficient and so I have pretended to myself that I have the flu…I mean what if? I have by accident found Dave Barry’s Washington Post review of 2010 and Fran Liebowitz’s Observer interview about the new documentary Scorcese did on her. So I […]

Portable scriptorium and library

I am at home which means I am thousands of miles from where I work. I cannot afford to live in Connecticut. Yes, the commute from St Benoit-sur-Loire is difficult so I sleep and eat in the fire house most of the time. The wireless internet, my portable library and scriptorium, is a great blessing. […]