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Monthly Archive for February, 2011

1977 the Woody Allen movie Annie Hall was in the theaters. I just surfed through bits of it that were on Ted Turner. It seemed to me to be a digital memory book sent to me from my home planet so I would not forget where I came from. All my fellow aliens close friends my […]

The Wars from Gates

I have been pushing for debt reduction by war reduction. Defense Secretary Bill Gates makes the same bi-partisan arguments. Because he is bi-partisan, it was brilliant of Obama to keep him on.

Plug and play. Invented for a good reason…we just tore the install CD out of its packet and charged ahead…and was a revelation of human nature. So. With most things. Including religion and its deeper reality, faith. Being a priest requires a lot of attention to the actual pieces at hand: people, resources, obstacles, opportunities. […]

Viewing with Alarm

It is supposed to be a cliche…viewing with alarm. It is supposed to be an easy and obvious and trite thing to do. But right now in places like Philadelphia where a grand jury indicted a former Archdiocesan official we can wonder that viewing with alarm in the church is not done fast enough. This […]

Copts and Muslims

The sight of Egyptian Muslims putting their bodies as human shields around Egyptian Copts going to Divine Liturgy and then seeing Copts return the goodness by becoming human shields around praying protesters in Cairo must/should shake up the Christians in the USA who are afraid of Muslims, afraid of what is happening in Egypt, or […]