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Monthly Archive for May, 2011

My dead…

Spring and Summer  dates for me are mostly about those who have died. In 2006, my mother died in June. The next month Eli Hutter. Eli was part of an interfaith meditation and dialogue associatin. I was a trustee with her. She was a special light for me. Perhaps because we both started out in […]

HUD corruption then and now

HUD is finally getting the investigator that it needs. My mother lived and died in HUD housing. She and her tenants’ organization tried hard to fight off a tenants’ organization busting group that had originally started out as a church non-profit trying to promote housing for the poor and the elderly.I saw the initial report done […]


We, we read, got him! If we were in uniform, if we did the police work, if we paid higher taxes, if we promoted better understanding of international relations, if we took part in dialogues with Muslims, then “we” did do something. The emergence of bragging and parading chicken hawks is enough to physic a […]

Like the Rabbi

Chicago Theological Union was one of the first Catholic theologates to hire a Rabbi. CTU was a pioneer in great biblical studies among Catholic theology schools and the rabbi had great colleagues and  was a great success from the start. During the first year and the High Holy Days he was asked how he was…”I […]