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Monthly Archive for September, 2011

Too bad. But if this were to be a real blog we would have comments but the SPAM was ferocious. About 1000 a month. Erasing it was becoming another job. So no comments which slogged my emails to death. You cannot send a comment through this blog. The spam was a little parable. The goose […]

Back on Air

This should be subtitled: How I became an engineer. Our marvelous tech support staff at Wesleyan got the comments on the blog blocked. This means nobody can get through but it has been about 1000 to 1 in favor spam that came in the hundreds. It seems to be immune to individual address blocking so […]

Off Air?

I am looking into a way to block ALL comments…I get thousands of spam comments and I cannot filter them. I hope in the next few days to do this. Otherwise I will start another blog and drop this one.

Happy New Year

The class  of…are you ready…2015 arrives all over this week if they have not gotten there just yet. They were in 6th grade…when John Paul II died. Most were born in 1993. The millenium was 11 years ago. Are they part of the generation called millenials or are they something else? Their parents hard work […]