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Monthly Archive for October, 2011

Nation of Sheep

My first year course in history in 9th grade was ancient and medieval European history taught by an ex-Marine, ex-Catholic, Jesuit educated, Korean veteran. It was rather tough and sometimes trivial, Still, it was a good foundation and for a bonus, he insisted on current events as part of the curriculum. One of the resources […]

Colman McCarthy has an article on the new monument to Martin Luther King Jr monument. He made a bet to himself that the shrine would expunge the prophetic MLK and he won. McCarthy quoted the tough sermons that are missing from the monument : the civil rights movement was non-violent and America was violent so […]

Rendering to Caesar

Impossible to avoid, this rendering unless you are really really wealthy. The latest cover of TIME…the money issue…shows what real wealth looks like. It looks like a childhood version of a god or a fairy godmother. Piles of money and the hoi polloi pushing the stones up the ramps for the people perched at the […]

Too Fast?

Nobel prizes went to scientists who proposed studies demonstrating the universe is expanding faster than we thought. Actually, every morning I get the impression the expansion is faster than I could imagine the day before. Here in New England, autumn’s perfect colorful home, I worry we rush around so fast, especially in the university, that […]