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Monthly Archive for January, 2012

State of our Communion

I was surprised at how many listened to the State of the Union address and what a positive impact it had on the President’s numbers. I would not have bet on either. This campaign has been in my humble opinion looney and false so perhaps a little straight talk helped. Certainly there has been more […]

Cuss words…

Vulgarity is not a sin. If it were, the designers of so many holy cards would be on their way to perdition. Because Catholicism is such an old version of Christianity and there are so many Catholics, it is bound to be steeped in vulgarity. There is one bunch of “non-Catholics” who are notorious for […]

My perplexity may serve


1968 Again

A post in Salon.com about commentators and their favorite movies about elections. I checked it out because I wanted to see Pat Buchanan’s favorite. He did not really say anything about a movie but he ran through 1968 quickly since he was alive then and a participant. So I give him this post since he […]


1964, I graduated from school. The civil rights speech President Kennedy made in Hawaii  and the engagement of the teachers at the University of Hawaii had been a call to action. I went off to South Carolina and the Oratory only after a serious inquiry about how it dealt with race. We had speakers in […]

Movies for Mass

Enough for books right now. Peter Malone MSC and Rose Pacetter FSP do great things with movies. I especially likre Rose’s work on a movie, loaded with German Expressioism about Edith Stein. They did put this material  in a BOOK, sorry, called Lights Camera…FAITH! For ordinary time II Sunday, January 15th, rhey recommend Dead Poets […]


When the party (the Democrat party) sends me something so I can sound off, I describe myself as a “pro-life, liberal Democrat”. There is an excellent editorial in America Magazine, http://www.americamagazine.org/content/article.cfm?article_id=13206 The editorial is about changing the strategy of the pro-life movement. One strategy that could be dropped is labeling everyone who is against criminalizing abortion […]

Paul Goodman! I was planning on posting about movies…too much already about books and then Roger Ebert reviews a documentary on Paul Goodman…and then I find back in the fall so did the NY Times.. http://movies.nytimes.com/2011/10/19/movies/paul-goodman-changed-my-life-directed-by-jonathan-lee-review.html I promise I will learn again how to make these links. But Ebert loved Goodman when he was an […]

…by books I should say, or, perhaps better, by experiences that some authors might have helped me with and thereby created more of a back bone for me. That sounds like an old school subtitle. But here goes, not for the sake of just the past but for the future. If a student reads this […]

The Light Is Needed

These two poems, one by Yeats and the other by Emily Dickinson, shake with sadness, the gamble with despair that a light must overcome… WB Yeats: To a Child dancing in the Wind Dance there upon the shore; What need have you to care For wind or water’s roar? And tumble out your hair That […]

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