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Monthly Archive for February, 2012

Not Thinking for Lent

We are pestered by thoughts or more likely by emotional judgments not particularly rational. In any case, Lent is a time to take a chance on a change of consciousness. Meditation is not what you think. It is simply not paying attention to what you think or feel. Picking a “heart” word that is a […]

Not so felix culpas

I have started to notice flaws in the revolution and flaws in the reformation. Saul Alinsky, by the way no leftist he, used to ask community organizers if they wanted a revolution or a reformation. Alinsky believed in the American Revolution and the US Constitution but he did not buy anything so contrary to (falllen) […]

It is impossible to convey the joy that this small book, Hidden in the Same Mystery: Thomas Merton and Loretto, has brought me…Loretto is in fact Sister Mary Luke Tobin, one of the first women auditors at Vatican II, president of the Religious Women’s Conference, head of the Loretto Sisters (HQ foundation down the road […]


The New York Times is edited by two elderly sociologists, one of whom has been deaf for ten years or so they say. It might be true. Once I could not get the NYT so I bought the Los Angeles Times for my Sunday reading. I could hardly understand anything in the LAT because it […]