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Monthly Archive for August, 2012

http://www.archbishopofcanterbury.org/articles.php/2590/archbishops-review-of-when-i-was-a-child-i-read-books The above is your site for the Archbishop’s review of Marilynne Robinson’s latest …When I was a Child I read books. Try it out…what a treasure MR is!


I had a very strange nightmare this morning. I dreamt that I would never experience pleasure the rest of my life…a curse had fallen on me like a blanket and I was told how …under the blanket…It was forbidden to expeience pleasure…strange that was the word…I would use joy but the banned reality was pleasure…I […]

I just got the essays and I think they are excellent. They cover economics, social policy, religion and literature. They make the case for the best in us building a humane world based on what can be done for the common good. Sharp mind and good heart. Highly recommended.


For the ancient Eastern Church where Tradition is really Tradition, this day is the feast of the Dormition of Mary, her falling asleep. She is seen surrounded by the disciples of Jesus and Jesus holds her in his arms. So. I have met some snitty traditionalists, so called, but in reality simply super Romans who […]


“Ten years of my life have been consumed in correspondence and litigation about my book Dubliners. It was rejected by 40 publishers; three times set up and once burnt. It cost me about 3,000 francs in postage, fees, train and boat fare for I was in correspondence with 110 newspapers, 7 solicitors, 3 societies, 40 […]

Nuclear Nun

Weapons of Mass destruction are intrinsically evil. An 82 year old Holy Child Jesus Sister, Megan RIce, violated the inner sanctum, supposedly inviolable, of a nuclear weapons facility to make that point by spilling blood inside.  She exposed the wasteful, sinful existence of a weapons system that we have forgotten about and exposed how vulnerable […]

After complaining the usual complaint, why do the wicked prosper? Habbakuk TODAY concludes with this MOST helpful bit of scripture that I know…the vision is delayed and gets further and further away below the horizon when all the time we thought it was coming over the horizon. So today I am reminded: I will stand […]

1984 Sally Fields made what seemed like one of the “save the farm” movies prevailing then. But it was about the Eucharist, John 6 especially. Highly recommended and I say no more. Spoilers. But you must wait to the last few minutes. I had people stop me and the nuns I was with after the […]

Edith Stein

About this day in 1942 Edith Stein and her sister Rosa were murdered in Auschwitz. They were both Catholics, Edith a Carmelite nun. She would have been a philosopher (as chief assistant to Husserl) but being a woman blocker her career. She was a superb teacher at a convent school in Speyer but Jews were […]


There is a no fly zone for our egos. Pain comes from the ego. It is nevertheless something to be dealt with though some spiritual directors are content to point this out…(Tony Demello???) and then walk away, problem solved!!!??? On the other hand, even the most tender invitation to consider something that the ego does […]

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