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For the ancient Eastern Church where Tradition is really Tradition, this day is the feast of the Dormition of Mary, her falling asleep. She is seen surrounded by the disciples of Jesus and Jesus holds her in his arms. So. I have met some snitty traditionalists, so called, but in reality simply super Romans who […]

The Light Is Needed

These two poems, one by Yeats and the other by Emily Dickinson, shake with sadness, the gamble with despair that a light must overcome… WB Yeats: To a Child dancing in the Wind Dance there upon the shore; What need have you to care For wind or water’s roar? And tumble out your hair That […]

The first week of a “break” is a retreat. After beating myself nearly to death it is unreasonable to expect a recovery especially since it is necessary to go away and “away” is six time zones and 12 hours of travel by car, plane, train, and taxi. Nevertheless, a retreat is a shock to the […]

Mary the Robot???

This feast of the Immaculate Conception is a great time to share things about the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the press you still see the confusion between the virgin birth and the immaculate conception. The  virgin birth refers to Christ’s own birth and the immaculate conception to Mary’s normal birth. Mary preserved from the deprivations […]

Blogs and Website

There is a website that I have neglected… thevirtualoratory.org …and have now posted something there on the Sunday readings. The Advent season starts out with the destruction of the world. If you are a boomer you practiced in  school  civil defense  drills  getting fried by atomic blasts . If you were a New Yorker during […]


This is a  new category. I came across an online Penguin catalogue which disappeared when I got to the H listings. Penguin, is of course, the class act of paperbacks. I look for a shelf of  penguins in the movies and they show up  especially in British and French productions. French movies usually always have […]

New Year New Blogging

I am alive! But after a liturgical pile on in December…Advent liturgies, Our Lady of Guadalupe (twice…one on Friday in Spanish with a lovely play…and one in English on Saturday), then Immaculate Conception, then more Advent, then Christmas, then Holy Family, then January 1, and then Epiphany, I started to get a bad cold! I […]

Scrooge or Pilgrim?

For several years now circumstances have deprived me of family, friends, parish, my own space and place. Only last Christmas was I able to be at “home,” but health did not allow much. The “gouvernante,” Judy Ryan and the dogs last year did their best but I am certainly now weaned away from not only […]


A Christmas Carol says that it takes getting the pudding scared out of us in order to appreciate Christmas. I was reading the life of the founder of the hell fire and damnation preachers, the Redemptorists, and saw that they were specialists in using the scare the pudding technique. Then there was something on Andrew […]

Winter wonder and blunders

In thevirtualoratory.com  I posted a brief review of a book called Winter, a Spiritual Biography of the Season, a collection of very short essays by writers ranging from Kathleen Norris to Basho. Even people in warm climates face interior winters of discontent that resist the sun and beauty leaving hearts buried in darkness, covered over […]

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