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My funeral

Today’s Gospel is the one I want for my funeral…It was the constant challenge, comfort of being in religious education. The work has gotten harder. I am convinced it was a waste. But the net is still, against my will, I think, still being tossed out…   Luke 5:1-11 Once while Jesus was standing beside […]


I had a very strange nightmare this morning. I dreamt that I would never experience pleasure the rest of my life…a curse had fallen on me like a blanket and I was told how …under the blanket…It was forbidden to expeience pleasure…strange that was the word…I would use joy but the banned reality was pleasure…I […]

Bastille Day

There is a cartoon: wonky looking man behind desk, space and then plain straight back chair with another wonky man a bit anxious. Man behind desk with EDITOR sign on it says to man in chair: “Come now, it was either the best of times or the worst of times, it cannot be both.” So […]

Do you think I’ll weaken?

Fr David Valtierra would be 65 today. I told him once I was worried about him. He was very conservative and idealistic so some people thought he was a liberal. When I expressed my concern about his ability to keep working away, he said, “Do you think I’ll weaken?” As one of the weakest of […]

What do I miss most as I have passed through life. Losing Hawaii was like losing home, sacrificing myself for priestly vocations has almost killed me, loss of confidants the same, but mostly it has been loss of illusions, delusions and evasions. They were the water for this fish and I must breath in a […]

Obama, Punahou, and I

Word searching on the new Obama bio, Punahou comes up a lot. So 1. Obama’s school was different. I went to a school regimented like a New England Prep School…in the academy 4 years of history, English, French, 2 of science and math and two years of another foreign language  to make up for not […]

Scary and Tough

I have two more books that I find very difficult to read. I did manage to finish the book of Job but only in the last 10 years. I had to struggle for a long time with my prayer. It was very quiet, but it was not really contemplative. I was in fact afraid to […]

I am going to re-start something I did when I first came to Wesleyan…A Sunday pre-bulletin on the Word and also a daily meditation form the lectionary. When I was in 8th grade we had a compulsory Bible class where I really encountered sacramental Gospel of John and the ecclesial selections of  Matthew in a […]

Books I will never finish: Mann’s Magic Mountain. Utterly seduced by this book, I am afraid to go in and  then find I cannot get out. I find it is patterned after Davos in Switzerland, the home of the big economic summits. I have changed over the years but certainly engulfed in the minutiae of […]

Imagine: I finished 8th grade and was sitting in a tiny office…window across the desk, windowed door behind me. Two chairs. Cyril Gombold, Maryknoll, me and the Baltimore Catechism. Number 3. It is 1960.  In Honolulu. Sacred Heart Church, Punahou. I go the school named that across the street from the parish. Fr. Gombold makes […]

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