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I had a very strange nightmare this morning. I dreamt that I would never experience pleasure the rest of my life…a curse had fallen on me like a blanket and I was told how …under the blanket…It was forbidden to expeience pleasure…strange that was the word…I would use joy but the banned reality was pleasure…I […]

Like the Rabbi

Chicago Theological Union was one of the first Catholic theologates to hire a Rabbi. CTU was a pioneer in great biblical studies among Catholic theology schools and the rabbi had great colleagues and  was a great success from the start. During the first year and the High Holy Days he was asked how he was…”I […]

Egyptian Muslims came together in Alexandria to protect Coptic Christians at Christmas Liturgy. This was a show of solidarity with their fellow citizens, a sign that religious violence was not going to divide the country. This kind of patriotism motivated by religious compassion blesses the new year. The shooting in Arizona had a similar act […]

Pretending to have the flu

I had to convince myself that a few days away was not sufficient and so I have pretended to myself that I have the flu…I mean what if? I have by accident found Dave Barry’s Washington Post review of 2010 and Fran Liebowitz’s Observer interview about the new documentary Scorcese did on her. So I […]

Portable scriptorium and library

I am at home which means I am thousands of miles from where I work. I cannot afford to live in Connecticut. Yes, the commute from St Benoit-sur-Loire is difficult so I sleep and eat in the fire house most of the time. The wireless internet, my portable library and scriptorium, is a great blessing. […]


This should be a diary since I have been away from the computer and people are asking about me. There was a fall break followed by a homecoming and the scheduling set up since last February went awry. Less said about that the better. But I will post the research I have done about what  […]

Watching other creatures

I could not help passing on this Peter Lennox bit from his blog. “Watching chickens is a very old human pastime, and the forerunner of psychology, sociology and management theory. Sometimes understanding yourself can be made easier by projection on to others. Watching chickens helps us understand human motivations and interactions, which is doubtless why […]

New Year New Blogging

I am alive! But after a liturgical pile on in December…Advent liturgies, Our Lady of Guadalupe (twice…one on Friday in Spanish with a lovely play…and one in English on Saturday), then Immaculate Conception, then more Advent, then Christmas, then Holy Family, then January 1, and then Epiphany, I started to get a bad cold! I […]

Scrooge or Pilgrim?

For several years now circumstances have deprived me of family, friends, parish, my own space and place. Only last Christmas was I able to be at “home,” but health did not allow much. The “gouvernante,” Judy Ryan and the dogs last year did their best but I am certainly now weaned away from not only […]

Soul Matters

The chaplains of Wesleyan University—Rabbi David Teva, Sister Marwa Aly, Pastor Joan Burnett, and myself—are offering a six session non-credit course on Mondays…Oct 5, 12, 19///Nov. 2, 9, 16 at 4:15-5:45 PM. We plan a panel, discussion with snacks, student journaling, covering love of neighbor, pursuit of happiness, the identity of women, and the controversial […]

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