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45 years ago

This week of August 22, I arrived in South Carolina to be an Oratorian seminarian. The year was 1964. In my experience that year was in between the Hungarian revolution in 1956…the first international event that I followed, the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, the Berlin Wall crisis, the Cuban missile crisis, the JFK assassination, the […]

Cronkite, the Moon, Murrow & Sevareid

Between 1908 and 1916 there were three men born away from big universities and centers of power who were paragons of ethical journalism, pioneers in accurate reporting (all three in World War II at considerable danger): Edward R. Murrow (1908- North Carolina), Eric Sevareid (1912-North Dakota), and Walter Cronkite (1916-Missouri). Is it impossible now to […]

News Again!

One of the great bold things about the US has been its history of journalism…both the horrors of the Hearst papers, for instance, and the heroism of the reporters in World War II. Now in Tehran, thanks to twitter (I hate to say that) and cell phones, and brave people wanting to get the news […]

D Day 44-09

Today I joined two other Americans and six French neighbors for a little supper party. Our host picked today because it was D Day and several people mentioned it with gratitude. One of the guests was late because the road up from her house along the river was blocked by people celebrating with a band […]


The administration of such a good school strikes me so often as ministry…I suppose that is my category in life so…Care and sacrifice and professionalism combined and guided us through these past days and will certainly do so in the future. Such a ministry can be lacking even where one might expect it so in […]

The Murder of a Student

Today Johanna Justin-Jinich, a Wesleyan junior, was murdered in the little coffee and snack shop in the corner of the University Bookstore. We were locked down for the afternoon as were, for a shorter time, the three elementary schools nearby. Security is still tight since the killer ran and nobody knows where he is. This […]

God and Spring

This April one of the Wesleyan students from Georgia (the country) arranged for an Orthodox vespers in the lounge of the chaplaincy. She had started in October and by this time she had a choir of four to sing and a priest to preside. There were about 25 people there. Lenten Vespers is long…about 50 […]

Young and…stupid? responsible?

This keeps popping up so I address the issue. What in heck is a teen-ager? A young adult who can get an abortion without parental consent? Birth control pills or appliances without parental consent? Or is a teen-ager a child? Sex with a child, even a consenting 17 year old, is child abuse. This petard […]

John Updike again

Fr. George Hunt, SJ, was the editor of AMERICA magazine when it gave the Campion award to John Updike as a Christian man of letters. Later, in his collected essays, DUE CONSIDERATIONS, Updike recommended to Hunt an essay on faith. The essay I remember very well…and Hunt reproduces it: But then, getting up to go […]

Diary 28 Jan 09

Let’s see. I note that Harold Pinter, the great playwright, was married to Lady Antonia Fraser, writer and historian (AMATEUR historian, the professionals say…which means she writes well). Fraser is a member of a large family of writers and politicians, Catholics…the Longfords. There was an article in the Tablet about how Pinter was affected by […]

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