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There is a no fly zone for our egos. Pain comes from the ego. It is nevertheless something to be dealt with though some spiritual directors are content to point this out…(Tony Demello???) and then walk away, problem solved!!!??? On the other hand, even the most tender invitation to consider something that the ego does […]

Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Besides a great summer festival in Italian neighborhoods, this is a great day to mark in the history of the desert spirituality for Christians. The Carmelites have tons of saints, classic books, and an appeal to both men and women. There are secular Carmelites…at home, married or single. I was chaplain for them for many […]

Identity & Obama & Race

iJews fleeing the Nazis could as German ┬árun to Switzerland. It was the Swiss who insisted on the big J being stamped on their passports wo they could be kept out. You know J meant they were potential parasites or just people trying to stay alive. There was no requirement to label Jewish assets in […]

Anne Frank 70 years ago

June 12, 1942 Anne Frank began her diary on her birthday. She was then just a teen ager. I read it when I was in 7th grade. The next year I wanted to do it for a book report but my English teacher said no. I never found out why. I cannot remember what I […]


When I was full time at the Spiritual Life Center I had miserable living conditions and a great ministry. But since it was not a parish many could not figure out what it was we managed to do all day. When asked, I said our job was to rescue contemplatives. There are folks out there […]

Not so felix culpas

I have started to notice flaws in the revolution and flaws in the reformation. Saul Alinsky, by the way no leftist he, used to ask community organizers if they wanted a revolution or a reformation. Alinsky believed in the American Revolution and the US Constitution but he did not buy anything so contrary to (falllen) […]


The New York Times is edited by two elderly sociologists, one of whom has been deaf for ten years or so they say. It might be true. Once I could not get the NYT so I bought the Los Angeles Times for my Sunday reading. I could hardly understand anything in the LAT because it […]

State of our Communion

I was surprised at how many listened to the State of the Union address and what a positive impact it had on the President’s numbers. I would not have bet on either. This campaign has been in my humble opinion looney and false so perhaps a little straight talk helped. Certainly there has been more […]

Cuss words…

Vulgarity is not a sin. If it were, the designers of so many holy cards would be on their way to perdition. Because Catholicism is such an old version of Christianity and there are so many Catholics, it is bound to be steeped in vulgarity. There is one bunch of “non-Catholics” who are notorious for […]

1968 Again

A post in Salon.com about commentators and their favorite movies about elections. I checked it out because I wanted to see Pat Buchanan’s favorite. He did not really say anything about a movie but he ran through 1968 quickly since he was alive then and a participant. So I give him this post since he […]

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