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Edith Stein

About this day in 1942 Edith Stein and her sister Rosa were murdered in Auschwitz. They were both Catholics, Edith a Carmelite nun. She would have been a philosopher (as chief assistant to Husserl) but being a woman blocker her career. She was a superb teacher at a convent school in Speyer but Jews were […]

Identity & Obama & Race

iJews fleeing the Nazis could as German ┬árun to Switzerland. It was the Swiss who insisted on the big J being stamped on their passports wo they could be kept out. You know J meant they were potential parasites or just people trying to stay alive. There was no requirement to label Jewish assets in […]

Voice of Thunder

Mirka Breen, an Israeli child at the time of the 6 Day War in 1967, has written a short novel centered around two Israeli school girls set in the time of the war. Imagine in 1967, there is no television. The country operates mostly through three radio stations which have to be used by the […]

Anne Frank 70 years ago

June 12, 1942 Anne Frank began her diary on her birthday. She was then just a teen ager. I read it when I was in 7th grade. The next year I wanted to do it for a book report but my English teacher said no. I never found out why. I cannot remember what I […]