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The Unwanted Newman

Just a note. I run a little website on the Oratory, called the virtual Oratory. There are different sections including one on, of course, Newman. I just checked the stats today and found that out of 8000 plus hits…not one was counted for the section on John Henry Newman. Not even a try!

Books I will never finish: Mann’s Magic Mountain. Utterly seduced by this book, I am afraid to go in and  then find I cannot get out. I find it is patterned after Davos in Switzerland, the home of the big economic summits. I have changed over the years but certainly engulfed in the minutiae of […]

Imagine: I finished 8th grade and was sitting in a tiny office…window across the desk, windowed door behind me. Two chairs. Cyril Gombold, Maryknoll, me and the Baltimore Catechism. Number 3. It is 1960.  In Honolulu. Sacred Heart Church, Punahou. I go the school named that across the street from the parish. Fr. Gombold makes […]

More Newman

Feb. 28, 1860 “It is good for me to have trials—and I am in a state of chronic trial, which only those who come very close to me know. This has been the way with me for many years, the clouds of one kind or another returning after the rain, or, as I have before […]

Psalm 39 (40) Though I am wretched and poor, the Lord will take care of me. I have proclaimed your judgement in the great assembly: I will not close my lips – Lord, you know it. I have not hidden your judgements away in my heart; I have not hidden your faithfulness from the assembly […]

Yesterday’s post about Newman’s troubles that he wrote about in a private journal and more obliquely shared with friends reminds us that Newman loved and believed in a Church that nevertheless not only did not know what to do with him but also did not have the structures in place necessary to treat him humanely […]