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Lent III Cleansing the Temple

This is the cycle B gospel reading…[A is used in parishes with the RCIA and that is, of course, the gospel of the Woman at the Well] which folks groups as well as the great Mahalia Jackson did very well singing…But the B cycle is very apt for these days. The National Round Table for […]

Helen Keller

I love Helen Keller. When I was in junior high I was desperate to “see” what she saw. I blind folded myself and went around the house “blind” so I could get an idea. It was supposed to be a three day experiment but my mother cut it off immediately, fearing that God would punish […]

Lent 2 Moses Elijah and Jesus

Lent II is the Transfiguration which by itself is repeated as its own feast day in August. It is the great sign of Lent…transfiguration and not trivialization of the human…we are transformed by God in Lent, not pin pricked by giving up chocolate. Though the loss of chocolate is actually easier on the system than […]

I suppose this is a way to separate off religious institutions which have their own dynamics, often a spiritual veneer over what is essentially secular if not actually demonic. Having been a Catholic 48 years and a priest 35, I have had plenty of experience of Catholicism as a veneer. Nevertheless, the distinction has only […]

L’ARCHE is French for ARK. It is a movement started by a French Canadian who in 1964 invited two men with disabilities into his home. From there, it became an international lay movement. It is NOT a community that serves people with disabilities but a community of people with those with disabilities. I showed a […]

Lenten Resources

Here is my Lenten movie, music, book list for 2009… Willa Cather:  Death Comes for the Archbishop. This American classic is essential. Why is that lay people and Willa Cather was the ultimate one…lesbian, Protestant…do the best in writing about priests. J.F. Powers, Garrison Keillor, Georges Bernanos, and Graham Greene are the others. George Eliot […]

Praying the Eucharist

Sometimes people say, “Why should I pray? God knows what I need and has no need of my words.” But the words in the Jewish and Christian liturgies are the words of a story and we pray the story. Saying the blessing is praying the story. We bless God by telling God the divine story. […]

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