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http://www.archbishopofcanterbury.org/articles.php/2590/archbishops-review-of-when-i-was-a-child-i-read-books The above is your site for the Archbishop’s review of Marilynne Robinson’s latest …When I was a Child I read books. Try it out…what a treasure MR is!

I just got the essays and I think they are excellent. They cover economics, social policy, religion and literature. They make the case for the best in us building a humane world based on what can be done for the common good. Sharp mind and good heart. Highly recommended.


It has been years since I have had an extended period to read. ┬ájust a few weekends ago, I had a University homily, a wedding homily, a funeral homily, and a parish homily to prepare over a three day period of preaching. Now I am picking up things I put aside and forgot about and […]

…by books I should say, or, perhaps better, by experiences that some authors might have helped me with and thereby created more of a back bone for me. That sounds like an old school subtitle. But here goes, not for the sake of just the past but for the future. If a student reads this […]

The first week of a “break” is a retreat. After beating myself nearly to death it is unreasonable to expect a recovery especially since it is necessary to go away and “away” is six time zones and 12 hours of travel by car, plane, train, and taxi. Nevertheless, a retreat is a shock to the […]