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Our Lady of Mt Carmel

Besides a great summer festival in Italian neighborhoods, this is a great day to mark in the history of the desert spirituality for Christians. The Carmelites have tons of saints, classic books, and an appeal to both men and women. There are secular Carmelites…at home, married or single. I was chaplain for them for many […]

Place of Ruin by Jessica Powers

I love this poem. There must be some place darker to the eye than this gray shack above a cluttered walk. Burdocks are green though all the grass is dry, and still beneath these eaves the swallows talk.   There must be some place without any beauty , favored of God, as with reproof of […]

I was working once with three email carriers and three telephones, a blog (this one) and a website. I lost the thread a couple of times when it would have been better not. I also rely on the search button which doesn’t always work. And of course there is the problem with electrical black outs […]

Let us be humble

Higgs field found…A boson…What is that in subatomic physics??? Well, time for a colon so….: “All known elementary and composite particles are bosons or fermions, depending on their spin: particles with half-integer spin are fermions; particles with integer spin are bosons. In the framework of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, this is a purely empirical observation. However, […]

Books I will never finish: Mann’s Magic Mountain. Utterly seduced by this book, I am afraid to go in and  then find I cannot get out. I find it is patterned after Davos in Switzerland, the home of the big economic summits. I have changed over the years but certainly engulfed in the minutiae of […]

Modern to the Post

Anthony Burgess died in 1993. He was the go to guy for Shakespeare AND Joyce AND Hemingway AND D.H. Lawrence AND such as Clockwork Orange and literary and music criticism (and composing too!). In a 1988 essay this expert on modernism remarks how quickly modernism slid into the past. I look at the university students […]

Adult education in church: unattractive because it smacks of school which was not a pleasant experience for many people. Education is buried in a school culture of competition and poor methods. Here are some ideas that should be investigated by adults because the issues sound remote or too complex yet they keep coming up in […]


It has been years since I have had an extended period to read.  just a few weekends ago, I had a University homily, a wedding homily, a funeral homily, and a parish homily to prepare over a three day period of preaching. Now I am picking up things I put aside and forgot about and […]

The Drill

Almost 20 years ago I met with a group of older priests…all dead now that I am as old myself…for prayer and sharing and a meal. It was along the lines of Jesus Caritas, Charles DeFoucauld, a hero to everyone there. One hour a day, one day a week, one week a year for intentional […]

Imagine: I finished 8th grade and was sitting in a tiny office…window across the desk, windowed door behind me. Two chairs. Cyril Gombold, Maryknoll, me and the Baltimore Catechism. Number 3. It is 1960.  In Honolulu. Sacred Heart Church, Punahou. I go the school named that across the street from the parish. Fr. Gombold makes […]

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