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We all know of families who had a beloved member die at Christmas time and we thought how terrible because every time Christmas comes around the trauma of the death will be remembered and spoil the holiday. In fact, I think one secret of Christmas, kept very much to ourselves is that if there is […]

Spiderman and Priesthood

Stuff accurate if not sympathetic about  priesthood would make a short list. One of the most accessible items is also popular: the Spiderman movies, especially number 2. His mission makes him a loner  because those he loves would be in danger if they were in on the secret. One solution, love nobody, would dehumanize him. The […]

Philip Neri

May 26th is the feast of the saint who accidentally founded the Oratory. Monsignor Ronald Knox, dry witty and wise preacher, former RC chaplain at Oxford, was often a preacher at the Brompton Oratory (snuggled between Harrod’s and the Victoria and Albert Museum). He was the one who said that Philip absent mindedly founded the […]

St Bede, St Madeleine Sophie Barat

Not exactly household names, these two saints share a day, May 25th. Bede was an English historian and doctor of the Church. He died saying the name of Jesus in English because he liked the sound better than Latin. Indeed, Bede wrote his great history of the Church in Britain in English. He is buried […]

The birth of Mary, Mother of God

September 8 is a feast day common to the western and eastern churches. Of course, like the birth of Jesus, we have to pick a date ourselves to celebrate since such information was not considered important so long ago. But we celebrate a lot when we celebrate anyone’s birthday and in our faith, Mary the […]

The utility of community

I am spending some time in a house near the Loire river and an ancient community of Benedictine monks, fairly isolated in a small village. The village area was settled during the Gallo-Roman period…an old and very straight Roman road passes through the outskirts just north of the house. It provided access to Orleans. When […]

Philip Neri May 26

Philip Neri, 1515-1595, is much beloved by the spectrum of Catholics who dot the current landscape. He has always been appealing since he is genial, original, and demanding in his own sly way. He was a mystic who distrusted visions. (If you see the Blessed Virgin Mary, spit on her, he said. He was sure […]

Martyrs and Resisters

There is nothing more powerful in early Church history than the stories of the martyrs. There were, for sure, what we call confessors, people who lived their faith and were not required to witness unto death. There were great writers…my favorite is Origen who was not a martyr and not canonized. But it was as […]

29 years ago Oscar Romero was murdered by a right wing politician’s hit man. Romero was preaching at Mass and was shot through the heart. He had been archbishop of San Salvador for only three years. He was the conservative, pious candidate who took his catechism seriously so he got himself killed. He had a […]

St Joseph March 19

This is St joseph’s Hospital in Kansas City Missouri where I went for an operation after first grade. There I met Catholics in some numbers including the Carondolet sisters…It was their kindness that helped me overcome all the bad stories I heard about RCs later…though at times, I wish they had not been so kind […]

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