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Helen Keller

I love Helen Keller. When I was in junior high I was desperate to “see” what she saw. I blind folded myself and went around the house “blind” so I could get an idea. It was supposed to be a three day experiment but my mother cut it off immediately, fearing that God would punish […]

Empathy and the Grail

St. Edith Stein, Jewish convert murdered along with her sister Rosa at Auschwitz, was a philosopher. She never got a university position because she was a woman and then had to leave all teaching when Jews were forbidden to hold such positions after 1933. Her dissertation was on empathy. It is not particularly long but […]

Newman’s Birthday Feb. 21…

John Henry Newman’s life spanned one century (1801-1890) and two Churches…Anglican and beginning in 1845, Catholic. His sermons, preached and published when he was at Oxford, are still in print! His autobiography, the Apologia Pro Vita Sua (this is NOT translated as “excuse me for living”) and The Idea of a University are English classics. […]

Our enemies the Saints…

This week “we” celebrated Thomas Aquinas and Don Bosco…two saints with plenty of enemies and we can only hope that had we lived then we would have been their friends. No good just being indifferent. Indifference leaves the field to the enemies of the saints. If the enemies had only been outside the Church, there […]

The New Yorker for the first week of 2009 has a most appropriate article by Jonathan Harr called “Lives of the Saints.” The quaint title means something to vintage Catholics and may revive the genre for the general public.  Slate Magazine in Briefings calls attention to it and AMENS the rightness of the title. “Do […]

Dear Community, TODAY is November 13, the feast of the 4th century saint John Chrysostom…kris.sis..tum…who was the Patriarch of Constantinople when the Roman Empire kept going there in the East. Supposedly he was in the top ranks of Bishops but he ran afoul of another top ranking bishop and the empress. Anyway, he is the […]

Thérèse de Lisieux

In the evening of this life, I shall appear before You with empty hands, for I do not ask You, Lord, to count my works. All our justice is stained in Your eyes. I wish, then, to be clothed in Your own Justice and to receive from Your Love the eternal possession of Yourself. I […]

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