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God among the Wes Students

God as presence Two Wesleyan young men came into full Communion during the Easter season. I am not much in favor of these elaborate confirmation programs. I put out an invitation to the students for one on one sessions where their questions and experience set the agenda and where I have to meet them where […]

the Death of a dog

The death of a dog. Last week my last dog died. Heart congestion. In June the other one died…Pua.Pua was a weimeraner and I bought her when she arrived from Australia. Angel and she got along but I must say Pua bullied her. Angel was very patient and came up with her own solutions…pooping by […]

Not obsolete yet

I heard a confrere say that he was not only getting old, he was becoming obsolete. I long for that. I not only feel old but way ahead of my time…back there with Pope John XXIII and some vatican council documents. the beloved students I work for seem stuck in a pre-vatican II liturgy of […]

1984 Sally Fields made what seemed like one of the “save the farm” movies prevailing then. But it was about the Eucharist, John 6 especially. Highly recommended and I say no more. Spoilers. But you must wait to the last few minutes. I had people stop me and the nuns I was with after the […]

Let us see your face

Some Italian friends from New York used to grab my head and say “How NICE to see your face!” I don’t know if they were saying something in English that comes from Italian but it made me feel good.My great-aunt’s son, GW, saw me come into his office a decade after we had last met. […]

My Soul and Harold Grant

Harold Grant died in his late 70s this past June. I just found out. I should say just found out officially. I “knew” he had died before I got the word. My intuition told me. I found the  death notice on the internet when I got brave enough to enquire. He was a Jungian psychologist […]


We, we read, got him! If we were in uniform, if we did the police work, if we paid higher taxes, if we promoted better understanding of international relations, if we took part in dialogues with Muslims, then “we” did do something. The emergence of bragging and parading chicken hawks is enough to physic a […]

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After my ordination in 1974, I was a director of religious education. With the parents of teenagers gathered for a meeting, I discovered that the Beatitudes…you know, blessed are the poor, blessed are the peacemakers, blessed are those who mourn…were a complete puzzle. I had been told that I would find this if I opened […]

Dante’s Inferno got a great visual work over in a Robin Williams movie about a dead man who leaves paradise after being re-united with his dead chldren because he wants to go to hell to rescue his wife who  killed herself in grief after they all died. It was a cruel movie because anyone who […]

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