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Helen Keller

I love Helen Keller. When I was in junior high I was desperate to “see” what she saw. I blind folded myself and went around the house “blind” so I could get an idea. It was supposed to be a three day experiment but my mother cut it off immediately, fearing that God would punish […]

Lent 2 Moses Elijah and Jesus

Lent II is the Transfiguration which by itself is repeated as its own feast day in August. It is the great sign of Lent…transfiguration and not trivialization of the human…we are transformed by God in Lent, not pin pricked by giving up chocolate. Though the loss of chocolate is actually easier on the system than […]


Lent is a preparation and we need to prepare for the preparation or we won’t get anywhere near a take off on Ash Wednesday. There are no Hallmark cards in black and white saying, YOU ARE DUST AND UNTO DUST YOU WILL RETURN so we will have to come up with something personal and not […]

Young and…stupid? responsible?

This keeps popping up so I address the issue. What in heck is a teen-ager? A young adult who can get an abortion without parental consent? Birth control pills or appliances without parental consent? Or is a teen-ager a child? Sex with a child, even a consenting 17 year old, is child abuse. This petard […]

A Pilgrimage to Guantanamo

Roger Cohen joins Thomas Merton in captivating prose capturing what seems to me the shining grace of Cuban Catholicism. In a surprising artilce here written in Cuba, Cohen decides to visit Guantanamo while waiting out the preparations for the 50th anniversary…January 1, if you don’t remember GODFATHER II…of the overthrow of Battista and the arrival […]

December is a hard month by any accounts…too much of everything is a bad thing despite Mae West wondering if that were possible. December 1…1916…Little Brother Charles (de Foucauld) was murdered in Algeria by wandering bandits. Charles was accepted as holy man by most of the desert people where he lived, but this gang of […]