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A Christmas Carol says that it takes getting the pudding scared out of us in order to appreciate Christmas. I was reading the life of the founder of the hell fire and damnation preachers, the Redemptorists, and saw that they were specialists in using the scare the pudding technique. Then there was something on Andrew […]

The Church liturgy reflects the natural reality of the northernish part of the world…darker, too dry or too wet…colder. Can we make it through the long winter? Will spring just bring more disaster? The scripture readings from Daniel, the Gospel readings about the end of time, the Second Coming…try to cross out the happy shopping, […]

December 21, 2008 Luke 1, the Annunciation, seems more like it. All that Old Testament stuff, all that stuff about the end of the world. NOW we are into the Christmas cards. But lo, no! The promises are still about a second coming, a fulfillment we have not yet seen, a darkness that sill waits […]


ADVENT 1, Monday Here begins a series of little snippets from the daily Mass through Advent. When I was an undergraduate in the dark days of December, facing deadlines and exams, the readings helped. So I recommend the whole text  but for these emails…I will just put bits in. Best to you as the semester […]