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We all know of families who had a beloved member die at Christmas time and we thought how terrible because every time Christmas comes around the trauma of the death will be remembered and spoil the holiday. In fact, I think one secret of Christmas, kept very much to ourselves is that if there is […]

Merry Christmas!

One of the treasures I was too shy to look for was Elizabeth Jennings then at Oxford. But I did buy her poetry and try to pass it on. This is part III of Christmas Suite in Five Parts: a litany Mary of solace, take our hope, Girl untouched, take our hands, Lady of Heaven […]

December 21, 2008 Luke 1, the Annunciation, seems more like it. All that Old Testament stuff, all that stuff about the end of the world. NOW we are into the Christmas cards. But lo, no! The promises are still about a second coming, a fulfillment we have not yet seen, a darkness that sill waits […]