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Depth of Prayer

A wonder of a bishop, the Ukrainian Catholic patriarch of Kiev, said that the great suffering of the Ukrainians made many of them more sensitive, more generous. But, he added with his dry humor, the sufferings did not have this affect on everyone. The liturgy prays that the we the church be spared sufferings because […]

José Saramago died. He was a Portuguese writer introduced to me by the late Abraham Golek who had wide sympathies that reflected his life in Auschwitz and working for peace in the Holy Land. Saramago was not a favorite among the Catholic blocs of Portugal and he died in exile in the Spanish Canary Islands. […]

Hints about the Eucharist: To understand it would help being Jewish. The Jewish community knows all about Passover. They know what it means to offer a sacrifice of praise, the sacrifice of the heart, the worship of the whole self offered to God. The Passover is not something to be watched. Jews and Protestants like […]

Royal Jesus

Royalty is a hot button issue in Europe because the Church often identified itself with the power and glory of monarchs. Supposedly this was for the protection of religion but in always involved the destruction of religion. It took a long time for the Church and much blood before the simplicity and vulnerability of Christ […]

Diary: December 17, 1960-08

This date marks me being a Catholic 48 years. I had an aunt who married a Catholic and fell into disfavor when I was a baby. Then I was the second one at 13 and now there are others. That this old family of Scots suffered such changes was an early warning. Now we look […]

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