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In the 1960s I was off to Catholic University after a break as a formal tyrone or novice in the Oratory. I asked to major in English literature since there was so much human experience in that it should be good preparation for priesthood. (Alas, that day is gone because the theory now is there […]


I was asked to join Rotary when I was a pastor in Hawaii. My sponsor offered to pay the membership fees since everything I had was going to the seminarians we were educating for our Oratorian foundation. I showed the Rotarian my living space (the priest who followed me declined to live there.) The tour […]

St Bede, St Madeleine Sophie Barat

Not exactly household names, these two saints share a day, May 25th. Bede was an English historian and doctor of the Church. He died saying the name of Jesus in English because he liked the sound better than Latin. Indeed, Bede wrote his great history of the Church in Britain in English. He is buried […]