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Soul Matters

The chaplains of Wesleyan University—Rabbi David Teva, Sister Marwa Aly, Pastor Joan Burnett, and myself—are offering a six session non-credit course on Mondays…Oct 5, 12, 19///Nov. 2, 9, 16 at 4:15-5:45 PM. We plan a panel, discussion with snacks, student journaling, covering love of neighbor, pursuit of happiness, the identity of women, and the controversial […]

Corpus Christi

The post title is the old name of the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ that was celebated in some countries this past Thursday and in the US and France to be celebrated Sunday. During Holy Week I met an evangelical Protestant who for some reason right off the bat insisted on telling […]

Just as I was starting this post my supervisor Rabbi David Teva came in so we could start clearing out the common fridge so Passover items can be stored. The oldie moldie will be thrown out to make way for the new. This Holy Week, Holy Thursday, will spot light priesthood among other things. The […]

Death of Dialogue?

In Christian history two great divides that make dialogue nearly impossible happened in the 1200s between East and West in the church and in the 1500s in the West between Protestants and Catholics. The reasons for the splits in the 1500 have largely been forgotten, but the splits gave birth to more and more so […]