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Cronkite, the Moon, Murrow & Sevareid

Between 1908 and 1916 there were three men born away from big universities and centers of power who were paragons of ethical journalism, pioneers in accurate reporting (all three in World War II at considerable danger): Edward R. Murrow (1908- North Carolina), Eric Sevareid (1912-North Dakota), and Walter Cronkite (1916-Missouri). Is it impossible now to […]

The utility of community

I am spending some time in a house near the Loire river and an ancient community of Benedictine monks, fairly isolated in a small village. The village area was settled during the Gallo-Roman period…an old and very straight Roman road passes through the outskirts just north of the house. It provided access to Orleans. When […]

Easter kit

I am sending this page out to the students at Wesleyan… Busted Halo has a great article on meditation. There is a long tradition in Catholicism here that got lost in the parishes where people thought this kind of prayer was only for the cloister…. Since January the Vatican has made a series of tragic […]