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1984 Sally Fields made what seemed like one of the “save the farm” movies prevailing then. But it was about the Eucharist, John 6 especially. Highly recommended and I say no more. Spoilers. But you must wait to the last few minutes. I had people stop me and the nuns I was with after the […]

Book Report

The chaplaincy start up always requires remote preparation. This is now the beginning of my third year. When the student leadership was interviewed before I was hired they were asked if they would accept a lay person. They said they would be their preference was that the Catholic community center on the Eucharist so they would […]

Hints about the Eucharist: To understand it would help being Jewish. The Jewish community knows all about Passover. They know what it means to offer a sacrifice of praise, the sacrifice of the heart, the worship of the whole self offered to God. The Passover is not something to be watched. Jews and Protestants like […]

Corpus Christi

I was raised a Southern Baptist where I experienced a very low theology of the Lord’s Supper that was coupled with a very high, very reverent practice. We only had the celebration four times a year.  At the time of the Reformation that was a radically frequent reception of Communion. I remember sitting prayerfully with […]

Praying the Eucharist

Sometimes people say, “Why should I pray? God knows what I need and has no need of my words.” But the words in the Jewish and Christian liturgies are the words of a story and we pray the story. Saying the blessing is praying the story. We bless God by telling God the divine story. […]