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Descended from rocks…

I got an email chain letter about fighting off Darwin. This is a peculiarly American religious problem. Creationists were barred from a Vatican symposium a few years ago. One Galileo was enough for European Christians. Fundamentalism remains mostly in Christian circles a challenge on this side of the Atlantic. When I started some remarks on […]

Answer is short and sweet…Yes…of course. The battle between a literal account of Genesis and religion is an American cultural issue, not shared by the larger Catholic Church, including the Popes. Next March the Vatican will have a conference on the issue. www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/0804713.htm is the Catholic news story…I will be sending a few items on […]

The Word… Mass Sept 14.08 9pm Location change This Sunday ONLY Woodhead Lounge EXLEY Science Center on Church St. [left set of doors, straight through,  left down hall, past library, snack room, and then the set of doors before exit] +++ Volunteers Needed… You name it, we need it… GOOD WORD Come find out something […]