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Where did secularization go?

Rereading Peter Berger’s classic Rumor of Angels, a publication from the 1970s, the question of the relentless reassertion of religion into world events comes up. When I was ordained, it was assumed that religion was fading and fading fast. Certainly that happened in much of Europe but not elsewhere. Berger rightly believed that fundamentalism would […]

The Church liturgy reflects the natural reality of the northernish part of the world…darker, too dry or too wet…colder. Can we make it through the long winter? Will spring just bring more disaster? The scripture readings from Daniel, the Gospel readings about the end of time, the Second Coming…try to cross out the happy shopping, […]

In discussions of faith, it seems to be a constant that conscience as the basis of religious faith gets overlooked or is even replaced by some other principle. So one more time, let us hear Cardinal Newman… “I add one remark. Certainly, if I am obliged to bring religion into after-dinner toasts, (which indeed does […]

God and Spring

This April one of the Wesleyan students from Georgia (the country) arranged for an Orthodox vespers in the lounge of the chaplaincy. She had started in October and by this time she had a choir of four to sing and a priest to preside. There were about 25 people there. Lenten Vespers is long…about 50 […]