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Anal Retentive

This is a term invented by Freud to describe liturgy discussions in the Catholic Church. I have been amazed at how trivial, belligerent, misinformed, infallible, untruthful, the discussions are…mostly. It should discourage any discussion of democracy in the Church because the quality of this participation can only be matched by Congress and you see where […]

The University is starting up. There are in the average classroom students and at least one teacher or professor. But in the room there is also Freud, Nietzsche, Marx, and Adam Smith. The giants. And in the hall and over at the chapel, there is the chaplain, generic, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish. If it is […]

Susan Sontag was for me always a source of fragments that stopped me short, blinded by the light her few words blasted into my face, brain. At times, in the stifling unSontag days at Catholic University in the late 60s slogging through raw primary texts and some undigestible and undigested lectures, she threw me the […]