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The bible story about Babel is a curse story. Human pride is punished by the multiplication of languages that makes a tower that will reach to heaven impossible because the workers cannot understand each other. It is a charming wise story about communication. There is, as usual, in Bible stories a hidden joke or, to […]

Newman’s depression

I cannot leave August behind without sharing Newman’s honest description of the depression he suffered as a Catholic. I do this because we think of saints as cheerful in God’s service even though John of the Cross writes horrific accounts of the dark night of the soul, Therese of Lisieux suffered near despair the last […]

God and Spring

This April one of the Wesleyan students from Georgia (the country) arranged for an Orthodox vespers in the lounge of the chaplaincy. She had started in October and by this time she had a choir of four to sing and a priest to preside. There were about 25 people there. Lenten Vespers is long…about 50 […]

John Updike again

Fr. George Hunt, SJ, was the editor of AMERICA magazine when it gave the Campion award to John Updike as a Christian man of letters. Later, in his collected essays, DUE CONSIDERATIONS, Updike recommended to Hunt an essay on faith. The essay I remember very well…and Hunt reproduces it: But then, getting up to go […]