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After complaining the usual complaint, why do the wicked prosper? Habbakuk TODAY concludes with this MOST helpful bit of scripture that I know…the vision is delayed and gets further and further away below the horizon when all the time we thought it was coming over the horizon. So today I am reminded: I will stand […]

Sarah Dylan Breuer

This is a homily on the raising of Lazarus preached by Sarah who is an Episcopalian. I believe she lost a child and this homily comes from that experience and her faith. And there is something more than that, even, something more fundamental to the order of the universe: that God is redeeming the universe […]

Father Knows Books

The Bible in one hand and the newspaper (pc, lap top, ipad) in the other. That was Karl Barth the great Swiss Protestant theologian. Perhaps why a number of priests simply repeat the gospel is that they do not know enough about the world to say what the scriptures mean for us today. I will […]

Here is something… www.nytimes.com/2010/07/03/education/03baccalaureate.html?adxnnl=1&ref=homepage&src=me&adxnnlx=1278303842-zoM4Vn5ZokO3kPmZSHgwlw  I hoped in 1974 would become a reality.  I had asked parents to dream about a program for youth if money was no problem. Nobody had a clue. The people perish if there is no vision. But somebody has a vision similar to the one I had dreamed about and it is up and […]