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Images. Religious images. Even now there is one serious favorite and it bothers me: light and dark. This is must be carefully understood. It is biblical so it cannot be discounted. But the Bible is not dualistic and we are. So we can take an image from a non-dualistic culture and use it to re-inforce […]

Dante’s Inferno got a great visual work over in a Robin Williams movie about a dead man who leaves paradise after being re-united with his dead chldren because he wants to go to hell to rescue his wife who¬† killed herself in grief after they all died. It was a cruel movie because anyone who […]

Holy Family

I should look up the origin of this feastday. It is not traditional in the most traditional Churches of the East. I wonder if it is a good idea. Its placement right after Christmas is certainly not. Families are doing well say the psychologists when they fight only 50% of the time during the holidays […]