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Black and Tan

NIKE, the shoe people, have a new product that carries “Black and Tan” along with the NIKE logo. Ben and Jerry ice cream tried the same incredibly ignorant thing. The news media, so very careful every once and awhile, say the Black and Tan are accused of killing civilians in Ireland. “Accused?????” How about pulling […]

The Intuition

It is more than a feeling and something not quite a thought. It is certainly not a mood. I look back at various crises…an aging person’s privilege…and I honestly cannot think of quite a time like this where so many boundaries have been crossed, so many chickens have come home to roost, so much clarity […]


The feast is dominated by the big news from Ireland…a nearly 3000 page SUMMARY of a huge report on sex abuse in Catholic orphanages run by the Irish Christian Brothers, Sisters of Mercy, and a number of other religious orders over the past four or five decades. The Irish government was in cahoots failing to […]