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Anal Retentive

This is a term invented by Freud to describe liturgy discussions in the Catholic Church. I have been amazed at how trivial, belligerent, misinformed, infallible, untruthful, the discussions are…mostly. It should discourage any discussion of democracy in the Church because the quality of this participation can only be matched by Congress and you see where […]

I was wrong

Jesuit spirituality, a school of prayer, is not the Oratorian way. Oratorian is something else and I will blog about that some day. But I have definitely been wrong about the general utility, actually, the general necessity of Jesuit, or as they like to say, Ignatian (after their founder), spirituality. I say this now because […]


There is a new edition for the Mass coming out. Some expect great renewal and others disaster. Rather than go on about what may or may not be happen, I would just like to raise a few questions about what I experience now. Some people think that the limitations I will mention will be solved […]

The Word

One of the categories I intended to use for this blog was “The Word.” There were two things I wanted to do with this label. One was to keep a weekly post going that was part of the Wesleyan “pre-bulletin” (forgive me for that clever but ugly play on pre-owned) I published for the Wesleyan […]

Book Reports

Here are books by my chair and bed. These are the kind of book reports you wish that you could submit in school…short. But I have read them! I recommend them for a variety of reasons which you will note. First of all, there is a book I left behind in Idaho with the Benedictine […]

December 21, 2008 Luke 1, the Annunciation, seems more like it. All that Old Testament stuff, all that stuff about the end of the world. NOW we are into the Christmas cards. But lo, no! The promises are still about a second coming, a fulfillment we have not yet seen, a darkness that sill waits […]