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The first week of a “break” is a retreat. After beating myself nearly to death it is unreasonable to expect a recovery especially since it is necessary to go away and “away” is six time zones and 12 hours of travel by car, plane, train, and taxi. Nevertheless, a retreat is a shock to the […]

Canterbury on Robinson

Marilynn Robinson, the novelist, wrote essay on modern thought published as The Death of Adam. The essay that caught my attention was one on Calvinism which she read freshly and counter-culturally. It did not make me want to become more Augustinian but Calvin…Jean Cauvin…was challenging as great theologians are when not stereotyped for the sake […]

Paris Review … culture and faith

The more educated you are  the more likely you are hear that religion is dead or that Christians are just moose killers and have no culture and no cultural impact…so I think it is important to put you in touch with current cultural happenings that religion, especially Christianity, and most especially Catholicism impacts. So….here is […]