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Movies for Mass

Enough for books right now. Peter Malone MSC and Rose Pacetter FSP do great things with movies. I especially likre Rose’s work on a movie, loaded with German Expressioism about Edith Stein. They did put this material  in a BOOK, sorry, called Lights Camera…FAITH! For ordinary time II Sunday, January 15th, rhey recommend Dead Poets […]

Hints about the Eucharist: To understand it would help being Jewish. The Jewish community knows all about Passover. They know what it means to offer a sacrifice of praise, the sacrifice of the heart, the worship of the whole self offered to God. The Passover is not something to be watched. Jews and Protestants like […]

Corpus Christi

I was raised a Southern Baptist where I experienced a very low theology of the Lord’s Supper that was coupled with a very high, very reverent practice. We only had the celebration four times a year.  At the time of the Reformation that was a radically frequent reception of Communion. I remember sitting prayerfully with […]

A Pilgrimage to Guantanamo

Roger Cohen joins Thomas Merton in captivating prose capturing what seems to me the shining grace of Cuban Catholicism. In a surprising artilce here written in Cuba, Cohen decides to visit Guantanamo while waiting out the preparations for the 50th anniversary…January 1, if you don’t remember GODFATHER II…of the overthrow of Battista and the arrival […]